Our Customer Testimonials

We got our couch back today and it looks amazing! Who would of thought it could look so different, thanks again for the advice with materials, you were spot on. I may have another couch for you to reupholster too ūüôā

David, Paddington

Thanks again for the restoration of our table, i wasnt sure if you could get those marks out but your french polishing guy is a genius, its impossible to see where the damage was originally.

John Songa, Surry Hills

We are very happy with the results you have achieved with our ‘family heirloom’ dining setting. The attention to detail in repairing longstanding damage and ensuring a high quality finish is just what we had hoped for. Thank you very much for the work you and your colleagues have put in to achieve these fine results.

J and S McSkimming, Coogee

Thanking you for your professionalism and experienced quality craftsmanship that have nicely repaired and re-upholstered my 2 Cavers + 6 Side Dining chairs, in which the chairs are over 60 years since its manufactured. Your completion of this repair works plus delivery is most timely and efficient. Well done and Thanking you once again.

Elizabeth Tam, Sydney

Dear Mark, Kieran and team,

Just wanted to say Thank You for an absolutely fabulous job on our chairs. I keep looking at them, smiling and thinking of just how pleased my Mum would have been with the job you have done. I have taken a photo and shared it with both my sisters, and they also think the chairs look terrific.

So, gentlemen ….. Thank You so very, very much. Slainte, (Irish Cheers)

Sue , Darling Point

Dear Mark,

Thanks so much for the lovely refurbishment of my old “Public Service” desk. The original good looks have emerged just as I’d hoped. Its also a pleasure to sit and work again, so comfortably. Only small disappointment is that the nice polish smells will soon disappear.

Best wishes

David J, , Sydney

Last year I purchased a stunning chesterfield lounge, which was beautifully reupholstered in the 1920s in olive green velvet. Though after years of love, the finish was definitely tired and the lounge was caving in. Thanks to all of the hard, and skilled work of the team at eastern suburbs antique restorations I have now received my transformed chesterfield. The work was completed to an incredibly quality. Anybody would be forgiven for believing it to be a new lounge altogether. All of the diamond backing was repaired, brand new springs and foam padding was added. For the first time I can sit comfortably on the couch. Thank you everyone for the fantastic work. A mastery of restoration which I encourage everybody to use.

Sophie Kathleen, Alexandria, Sydney

After my teenage daughter spilled nail varnish on our family dinning table that we have had for generations i thought, thats it we’ll have to cover it with a table cloth from now on! I had no idea how to repair the damage caused by nail varnish to our table but, thank goodness i found you guys! I felt very assured by Mark that he would be able to repair our dinning table back to better than original condition and there would be no sign of the nail varnish damage. True to his word, our table looks amazing and perfectly restored, you could not even see where the original damage was. Thanks again guys for a great job!

John F, Rose Bay, Sydney

My daughter and I were both thrilled with our pieces of furniture you recently reupholstered. The rocking chair belonging to Jess’ Grandma looks amazing recovered in the modern black and white fabric! It fits in wonderfully with the decor of her new home and she is so grateful you advised her on this fabric and not the alternative. And as for the framework Рit has come up like new, no bite marks or scratches left, so thank you. As for my gorgeous grandma chair Рthe fabric you suggested works beautifully with the carved wooden frame and the colour which has been so well revitalised, picks up the metallic thread amazingly. We are both so pleased with the end results. Wonderful job done by all

Janelle, Cremorne , Sydney